"And out of darkness came the hands that reach thro' nature, moulding men." ~Alfred Lord Tennyson

Welcome to the Bath you never knew…

Bath; City of culture, history, acclaim.

Where science and occult and faith and fashion bubble and boil like the famous hot springs; where the coursing lifeblood of commerce, the heady whispers of ancient knowledge, and the pure ideals of education all mingle amidst the soft golden glow of Bath's timeless character.

It makes a pretty facade.  

Look too closely though, and you might get drawn into a murkier existence; where the shadows loom, and you can never quite tell which is the one to fear. Where the pretty picture can hide a deadly secret. Where everyone scrambles for power, 'til it's impossible to know who controls what…

Maybe it's best to turn away now… Too late?

Then you had better go further in…

The Hand on the Strings

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